Guido Renneberg

Having studied natural sciences, Guido Renneberg began his marketing career in 1996 with the sales of chemical products and as a consultant in the areas of application technology / chemical engineering. He moved on into the sector of ICT in 1999. Herr Renneberg acted as key account manager and director of sales manufacturing for 6 years at TietoEnator Germany GmbH. Apart from the marketing of new products that need explanation and the sales of IT engineering services, Herr Renneberg is also responsible for the marketing of the seneos GmbH.

Heiko Berger

In his more than 15 years of experience in sales, Heiko Berger has represented successful companies such as Minolta, Arcor, Uunet and finally TietoEnator, where he held the position of key accountant manager and director of sales, responsible for the field of telecommunication. As qualified businessman he is now responsible at the seneos GmbH not only for the sales duties but for all commercial interests of the company.

Klaus Fassbender

Klaus Fassbender has been active in the industry for more than 26 years. He began his professional career in 1992 with S.E.S.A. AG which was taken over by TietoEnator in 2004. As a graduate in electrical engineering, Mr. Fassbender occupied various management roles and performed a range of different duties during that time. He has already managed to successfully put his broad knowledge within the various technical fields and his understanding of processes to good use as division manager and head of the industrial sector within Germany.

Mr Fassbender has been in charge of operations at seneos since 2008 and, together with his team, ensures they run smoothly. He also manages the seneos GmbH innovation department.