Unit testing (module testing) is the most effective way to detect as many errors in the code as possible.

Studies have shown that module tests have the highest cost-benefit ratio compared to other software tests. They therefore have a key function (especially in security or mission critical projects).
Due to the ever-increasing complexity of embedded software in the automotive and rail technology sectors, the topic of "testing" is becoming increasingly important. The earlier errors are found within a software, the lower the cost to fix them. The result is the requirement to test a software as early as possible in the development process and to ensure its freedom from errors.
For this purpose, seneos GmbH has created a software unit test environment, which can already be used during SW development.

The seneos Test Suite consists of open source components, which interactively check the software. For this purpose, all relevant test / test design methods from ISO-26262 or DIN-EN-50128 can be used. After creating the tests within the software development environment, they can be executed and documented via script call. The automatic generation of test specifications and test reports can be easily integrated into a continuous integration environment.

The seneos Test Suite offers maximum application flexibility through the use of various test specification, test execution and test reporting components.

Free choice of documentation format (eg HTML, PDF, etc.)

Free choice of methods to be used (e.g., equivalence class formation, functional tests (black box), etc.)

Extension of the report scope (e.g., repository information, code coverage, etc.)

Extensibility with interface tests, integration tests and software quality tests

What do we offer?

The seneos GmbH offers services around the topic Unit Testing according to Automotive SPICE 3.0 and ISO 26262 in a complete package or individually coordinated with our customers.

Service catalog

Project and risk assessment with subsequent bid preparation

Acquisition of project roles by experienced seneos employees (eg test manager, etc.)

Preparation of the necessary process documents (for example Software Test Plan, Review Reports, etc.)

Adaptation of the test suite to the needs of the customer

Review of software requirements regarding testability and plausibility

Creation of test specifications based on software requirements and normatively required methods

Review of the test specifications with the customer

Preparation of appropriate review reports

Implementation of the tests

Creation of the test reports and evaluation of the results

Maintenance of the customer's bug tracking system

Troubleshooting support

Accompanying assessments and overarching reviews

Automation of test execution (possibly on a CI server)

Upon request, integration and software quality tests can also be covered

Your advantages

The outsourcing of the Unit Testing division to the seneos test service gives our customers maximum flexibility while saving time and resources.
By extending the test environment and the flexible seneos team sizes, the tests from SPICE SWE.5 + 6 can be covered at any time.
In addition, we offer individual communication models that only marginally impact customers. Here, for example, the seneos customer can access the task management tool Trello as part of the project.

Service number

0800 6736367

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