Comprehensive testing and quality assurance offer

A key requirement for the implementation of a multi-stage quality procedure is an understanding of the system to be tested and the requirements placed on the system. For this, we consider a universal and comprehensible verification and validation tailored to the most diverse of sectors and fields.

When dealing with complex and safety-relevant systems, it is well worth opting for an automated approach. Modifications and their effects on the system and the network can then be promptly and extensively tested straight away. 

Today we are therefore able to offer our customers a wide range of services in the field of quality assurance:

Statistical testing:

  • Code analysis 
  • QA-C (QA systems) 
  • PC Lint (Keil Company) 
  • Reviews, walkthroughs, inspections

Dynamic testing:

  • Black box / white box / grey box testing 
  • CANoe / CANalyzer (Vector Informatik)

Simulations (MiL, SiL, HiL): 

  • Matlab Simulink, Stateflow (Mathworks), TargetLink (dSpace)
  • ASM - Automotive Simulation Models



Service number

0800 6736367