Tool Qualification - googletest

The topic of tool qualification is becoming increasingly important in development projects with safety-critical aspects. All relevant standards (for example ISO26262, EN50128, etc.) prescribe a classification and possibly qualification of the tools used for the development.

The software test tool googletest (including its mocking framework) has become a popular "state of the art" tool, which can be used both for unit / module tests as well as an Intergation test and SW qualification test. The high flexibility and sophistication, coupled with the free availability, convince more and more developers / companies.

Seneos GmbH offers its customers the qualification of this tool at a fixed price. The purpose and the individual use is included in the creation of "Use Cases". Particularly for safety-critical developments, seneos GmbH carries out validation tests on the googletest / googlemock framework, taking into account the intended programming language features (eg C99, C ++ 11, C ++ 14, etc.) and validating the test methods, which are of the corresponding standard be required.

Seneos GmbH compiles all standard-required documents and provides a Safety Manual with detailed usage instructions and definitions under which the qualification is valid and remains valid.

The qualification is completed by an independent external body with the help of a confirmation review. This gives our customers standard-compliant documentation of qualification.

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