Artificial intelligence as future-oriented technology

In the current trends towards digitization, Internet of Things (Iot) and autonomous driving, future-oriented technologies come together, which are connected with artificial intelligence.

Technologies with neural networks enable intelligent, self-learning and real-time capable IT systems, which are able to make independent decisions based on collected data.

One of the goals of seneos GmbH is to analyze the existing processes and workflows in your company and to show you the potential for improvement, so that optimization and automation can result in added value for your company.

Seneos GmbH uses artificial intelligence (AI) as an assistant function to optimize performance and efficiency in one of its core business areas, requirement engineering.

The AI ​​team at seneos GmbH develops assistance and automation tools to minimize the workload within a company. This leads to cost reduction, time saving and quality assurance of the work through automated control of work results.

The team of experts from seneos GmbH is at your side for advice and implementation.

The following five steps illustrate the process and how success is ensured:

Step 1: 

You contact our team of experts and agree on a non-binding & free consultation appointment.

Step 2: 

We will come to your company at the agreed consultation date and give us an overview of your work environment and which one requirement linked to you.

Step 3:

After recording the identified situation, we analyze it and develop “use cases” for your company.

At another appointment, we will discuss these "Use Cases" and how they can be used optimally.

Step 4:

After joint selection of the use cases, we collect data and the expert knowledge of your company.

Based on the analysis data obtained, we develop a suitable solution for you.

Step 5:

We present the first draft of the final solution as a prototype and discuss the optimal use in your company.

After a first test phase, the prototype will be improved to ultimately provide a finished industrial product for your company.

Further services:

Functional Safety

Software Development


Test/Quality Assurance

Requirements Engineering

Tool Qualification