Artificial Intelligence @ seneos

Artificial intelligence is entering the mobile world.

As soon as we rely on the "helpers" in the car, complex algorithms in various control units calculate commands that influence the behavior of cars and trucks.

Autonomous driving adds environmental information that must also be based on safety and ethical principles, says Guido Renneberg (Managing Director seneos).

Since December 2018 we at seneos have been researching and developing innovative fields of artificial intelligence for autonomous driving.

Our modified RC vehicle fleet uses neural networks that test driverless pilot functions (autopilot) on an in-house test track.
Real driving data is recorded, recorded from our model and test environment.

Interactions between the autopilot and its driving environment are tested.
These include use cases, such as the observance of traffic lights and the safe crossing of a pedestrian via the crosswalk.
In the further course of development, additional driving functions will be successively trained and tested for the RC vehicle.

With the subject of AI, seneos opens up a further important topic in its range of services.

We would like to work together with our customers to develop the use case and the possibilities in the field of AI, define and help with problem solving.

Further services:

Functional Safety

Software Development


Test/Quality Assurance

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