From vision to an enterprise

When seneos began trading in January 2008, the company started out with 2 people, a vision and 114m² of office space in the start-up centre in Cologne Technology Park. The first year ended with a workforce numbering 17. Even in the chaotic year of 2009, seneos managed to achieve growth of more than 20%, contrary to the general trend.

By 2013, some 50 engineers and computer scientists were working on cutting-edge technologies with an emphasis on embedded systems from branches in Cologne, Stuttgart and Lippstadt. We work with a diverse range of clients and topics. It started with the automotive industry and telecommunications in 2008. Nowadays we support companies from the automotive, rail, telecommunications and safety engineering sectors as well as manufacturers with a high proportion of electronic components in the consulting/engineering sector but also dealing with complete software developments within our premises.

Training courses for our staff have always been and will always be at the forefront of our venture. Since, in the past, more and more clients have wanted to attend the training courses, in May 2010 we rolled out the Academy as an independent company. Today it is not only employees from our target markets who are trained there, but also employees from banks, insurance companies and real estate groups.