Tool Qualification

As an independent system house, seneos GmbH has been supporting cross-industry leading companies since 2008 in implementing norms and standards of functional safety and in improving their system and software development processes.

The service portfolio of seneos ranges from analysis and advice to operational implementation and implementation of training courses.

Our customers - who come primarily from the automotive and rail industry, industrial automation and tool manufacturing - benefit from our excellent know-how and the many years of practical experience of our employees.

Supporting leading automobile manufacturers and suppliers in the practical implementation of the ISO 26262 safety standard is one of the competencies of seneos GmbH.


As soon as you have a software development project based on e.g. To carry out ISO26262 (2011 or 2018) and your product has an ASIL rating A-D, the issue must be considered.

A tool has to be classified first and depending on the classification (the so-called tool confidence level) a qualification is necessary or not.

A classification must be carried out for all tools that are used to develop your product. Tools that are used to test your product must also be classified.

Whenever the classification confirms the tool a TCL (Tool Confidence Level)> = 2. I.e. if the tool could influence your product and the necessary trust could not be proven.

In principle, certificates as proof of ISO qualification should be considered more closely. A “general statement” about the conformity of a tool is usually difficult to impossible because it depends on the intended use and the individual conditions in your project. I.e. The certificate usually only confirms the conformity of a general use case or the development process of the tool. You may still have to carry out a qualification related to your project. So caution is required here: Since the introduction of ISO26262: 2018, a confirmation review of the qualification documents by an external body is no longer necessary.

We adapt our services to your needs. I.e. We will be happy to advise you before we make an offer at a fixed price, so you get exactly what you need, nothing more but nothing less.

Our services also include advice on the topic of “tool qualification” and analysis of your tool classification and (if necessary) the qualification of your tools / tools (individually or as a tool chain in combination) documentation according to ISO26262: 2011 or 2018.

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