Test & Quality Assurance

An important prerequisite for the implementation of a multi-stage quality process is an understanding of the system to be tested and the requirements placed on it.

In doing so, we pay attention to consistent and traceable verification and validation, which are tailored to a wide variety of industries and areas of application.

In the context of complex and security-relevant systems, it is of great value to choose an automated approach.
Changes and their effects on the system and the system network in particular can thus be checked promptly and extensively.

This means that today we can assure our customers of a wide range of quality assurance services through our seneos test house.

seneos Testhouse

The seneos test house is a service offering from which our customers can put together individual services or simply outsource complete work packages / process steps to the test house.

The test house is part of our quality assurance program and includes all activities from requirement analysis to test execution and documentation.

The customer's development or test environment can be used for implementation, or the company's own test house tools and processes, which are individually tailored to the project.

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