Cyber Security

New features in the Automotive industry like Over The Air updatability (OTA) or the car being able to communicate to several external devices (Car2X) have dramatically increased the possibility of Cybersecurity Attacks to occur in road vehicles.

That is why the ISO and SAE have jointly developed the standard 21434, to provide a guideline on the required processes to be followed by a company, that has decided to develop products that are secure.

The ISO/SAE 21434 provides common terminology, it also defines work products (documents) that can be used as evidence of which Cybersecurity measures were considered during the development of the product and therefore facilitate the certification of the product in regards to Cybersecurity.

The ISO/SAE 21434 is comparable to the ISO 26262, which defines processes to be followed not only during the development but on the complete life-cycle of the vehicle to achieve Functional Safety. ISO/SAE 21434 also supports all phases of the V-Model, including: Requirements Engineering, Design, Implementation, Test and Series Production.

As an independent system house, seneos GmbH has been supporting leading companies across industries since 2008 in the implementation of functional safety norms and standards as well as in the improvement of their system and software development processes.

The service portfolio of seneos ranges from analysis and consulting to operational implementation and the execution of training and education.
Our customers - who mainly come from the automotive and railroad industries, industrial automation and tool manufacturing - benefit from our excellent know-how and the many years of practical experience of our employees.


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